Hey there!

I'm Ally! Four years ago I graduated with a degree in photojournalism and have since worked a variety of jobs.  From assisting with senior portraits, printing and wrapping fine art canvases- to styling commercial photo shoots and coordinating model schedules; I have had a wide variety of experiences in the world of photography. The thing I always love about photography is the meaning behind it. Every picture has a purpose; a story. That has made me strive to share my story and find my purpose. 

Recently, I partnered with an amazing chef (and sister), Megan Punches. She is the talented author of onenutmeg.com and I created this platform to showcase my recent work with her. What started as a side project has grown into an experience of realizing my passion for food styling and photography and I hope to use this space to exhibit the growth of my work. Make sure to check out my portfolio and the nutmeg blog!

Contact: : aregan303@gmail.com

            : 269.369.8295